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Temporary logo tattoos step 2
Select file to upload

1. Select the size and quantity of tattoos you want and then click on "BUY".

2. Simply Browse to upload your artwork file above. Acceptable files are: jpg, pdf, png (png file background must be white NOT transparent)

3. Please note that your artwork will be slightly smaller than the card size due to bleed and guillotine space required

4. Please crop out any white space outside of the image so your artwork will be as big as possible in the template print space allowed

5. Your Tattoos will be set up, printed, cut into individual units and printed with instructions on the back. Our Tattoos and Tattoo Papers-Complies with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

6. All you do is apply Tattoos with water and a sponge, following our detailed instructions sent out with goods. 

7. Supply of your artwork to us will be printed on the basis that you have the rights/permission to allow us to reproduce this artwork as Temporary Tattoo/s in this one time order for you

8. Please send artwork file in CMYK not RBG and No white is added into Tattoos

Any white in the design will appear as "clear" or "skin tone". Please do not put your image in reverse as we will do this

Prices include all set up and GST


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